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[Check with your have Internet services provider that your IP address is not share with other customer because IRCTC allow only 2 Tatkal booking with same IP from 8 to 12 PM IST, so make sure you have unique IP address or get one from you ISP.
Try to buy 2 MBPS speed pain if it is out of budget you should have 1MBPS, you can find good tariff plain in market.
Close all application which is using internet service, page like Facebook, Gmail, Skype they use internet while you are not browsing anything, so keep only IRCTC and myRailinfo Site open in your machine.
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First Run "TBrand Tatkal" Software Application.
Step 2: 
Click on 'ID' Tab(Button), then add IRCTC User ID and Password, then click on Save Button. Your User ID and Password Automatically saved in Tatkal Software. 
Step 3:
Click on 'Bank' Tab, then go to select an option for Payment (Net banking or Debit Card).  Fill the required information currectily, then save it. 
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Step 4: 
After complete Step 1 & 2, click on Ticket tab, then click on New Ticket(for new ticket), Edit Ticket(for old saved Ticket). 
Step 5:
After complete the process, go to Ticket Tab and Click on Open Ticket tab for Irctc Tatkal booking.